Gems from Germany

A Shining Finale

The Chamber Music Olympics finale was a brilliant concert featuring works by Beethoven and Brahms as well as the Bruch octet and the famous Mendelssohn octet.

This benefit concert helped fundraise money for the University of Hawaii-Manoa Europe 2020 Tour.

Special thanks to Joseph Stepec (University of Hawaii Orchestra Director and Hawaii Youth Symphony Director) for making this concert possible!

The Beethoven Romance in G was a lovely performance played by violinist Evan Hjort and pianist Shanice Aaron.

HSO cellist Josh Nakazawa joined Evan and Shanice in the Bhrams Piano Trio No.1 in B major. Immensely romantic, the trio displayed a very emotional journey.

Audience members raved the most about the Bruch octet in B-flat major after the concert. Considered a hidden gem, it was the people’s favorite for its incredible momentum and emotional power. 

Joined by violinists Mann-wen Lo, Evan Hjort, Dustin Wilkes-Kim, and Cheyenne Lee; violists Tyler Katsura and Michael Chong; cellist Daniel Lim and bassist Chris Yick, the Bruch octet was a stunning success.

The final piece to conclude the Chamber Music Olympics was an unforgettable and epic journey. The Mendelssohn Octet was indeed a gem of a piece that displayed virtuosity everyone will remember. 

Joining the octet are HSO cellists Josh Nakazawa and Nancy Masaki as well as violinist and conductor Joseph Stepec (who arrived from China that day).

The extreme level of talent and artistry from the Chamber Music Olympic musicians was an honor to have shared with the people of Hawaii.


Ludwig Beethoven: Romance in G major, Op.40
Evan Hjort, violin
Shanice Aaron, piano

Johannes Brahms: Piano Trio No.1 in B major, Op.8
Evan Hjort, violin
Joshua Nakazawa cello
Shanice Aaron, piano

Max Bruch: String Octet in B-flat major
Mann-wen Lo, violin 1
Evan Hjort, violin 2
Dustin Wilkes-Kim, violin 3
Cheyenne Lee, violin 4
Tyler Katsura, viola 1
Michael Chong, viola 2
Daniel Lim, cello
Chris Yick, bass

Felix Mendelssohn: String Octet in E-flat major
Mann-wen Lo, violin 1
Charissa Leung, violin 2
Evan Hjort, violin 3
Joseph Stepec, violin 4
Michael Chong, viola 1
Tyler Katsura, viola 2
Joshua Nakazawa, cello 1
Nancy Masaki, cello 2